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Web Development Process

My web development process consist of 4 step check the steps out below



First, I learn about my client by conducting research into their industry and target audience. This information helps me understand what works and how it can be applied in meeting the client’s needs. After gathering this information through the brainstorming process I will use it to allow the website to be Easy and intuitive, Visually pleasing, Informative, Safe and secure and Quick to load and operate.

Website UI + UX Design

After the Brainstorming Process, I gather the ideas from the brainstorming process and begin the design phase. My process starts with a workshop so I can get to know your business requirements and become part of your team. Your website starts coming together during the design and wire-framing phase as I translate your requirements into how your site will flow and what it will look like.



Website Development

During the web development process and coding phase, I take the elements gathered from the design phase and start building the infrastructure for your website. I then develop the website based on your requirements, our understanding of your industry, best web practices, and my evaluation of the your target audience. I work in 2-week iterations, delivering feature sets for your review as we go along (this gives us the flexibility to address your changing needs while steadily building your website). I conclude development by testing all the features of the website.

SEO and Fine Tuning

Upon successful design and development of the website, I move to the next stage which involves promoting the website by employing search engine optimization tactics, with a large focus on content marketing, considering Google’s “status quo”. Next, upon results measurements, I then fine tune the website in order to improve results. I determine what to fine tune by analyzing data obtained from the previous stage. Fine-tuning can range from changing the order of the website’s menu items to changing font sizes.